Sunlit fields

Gosh, it really is summer! I love that I can wear a different dress everyday and not have to do anything else to look put together. I never realized how many dresses I have that work best without tights, cardigans or anything else. They just work on their own. Summer is a busy enough time as it is, let alone to rack your brain styling up outfits! I read an interview I did after last summer about how I felt guilty running a style blog and just posting pictures of me in a dress and that's it, but that's life! I've decided to not feel guilty about it this summer. Plus, we've had scorching temperatures already and it's only June.

I didn't have the best day today. I shattered my iPhone screen, felt super unmotivated and cried a bunch. So... in response to my bad day, I went shopping, ate fried foods and took pictures in a pretty dress in a pretty field. Such a girl. I did realize today though that I need to stop searching for greener grass and learn to love and appreciate what I do have. I have a bad case of idealism. I need to learn to accept that not everyday will be perfect. While being an idealist or perfectionist does motivate me to work harder, it also brings me down when things don't go exactly as I want or planned.

Life is definitely a learning process... and this summer is a huge season of change for me. I'm turning 26 in a month and I really want to focus on changing my mindset a bit. Learn to love what I have, appreciate the people in my life, the things I have, the memories I've made and be excited at the thought of the future... even if I don't know if it'll be exactly perfect. The good times wouldn't be as good if you didn't have to get through bad times too, right?

Outfit details:

Pop goes the Easel dress c/o ModCloth
Modcloth Sibling flats in Big sis