Big Sable Point

This past weekend was lovely. I'm totally enjoying summer. The weather in Michigan has been so hot, but I can't complain! The water temperatures in Lake Michigan are amazing and the sunsets have been gorgeous. Last weekend, I took a trip to Big Sable Point. This lighthouse is one of my favorites. You have to walk two miles to actually see it, which is something I love. Plus, along the way you see a fort and a shipwreck sighting! There is also a Little Sable Point lighthouse about 45 minutes south.

Walking along the beach was so pretty. It started out with a golden sunset and turned into the most gorgeous pink sky. Walking along the beach with my feet in the water is my favorite. By the time I hit the lighthouse at the end of the point, it was totally dark outside and the light to the lighthouse turned on. I was happy I ended up staying out later too because I had never seen the light on in this lighthouse!

Outfit details:

Confetti Cake Top c/o Strut
Thrifted skirt
Forever 21 belt
Daylight Craving sunglasses