Calder Plaza

Yesterday, I headed over to Calder Plaza where La Grande Vitesse is located. It's a public sculpture designed by Alex Calder. It sits on top of a concrete plaza surrounding City Hall, right by the giant tireswing. It's a huge landmark of Grand Rapids and it's amazing to see in person. Plus, I love how it's always showing up in different designs, including the Grand Rapids flag. This piece is the centerpiece for one of our festivals too, Festival of the Arts. The construction and sculpture projects were part of a downtown urban renewal effort. I love how much art we have in the city.

It has finally gotten cool enough to wear a couple of layers in Michigan. Battling those 100-degree temperatures has been brutal for the past week! Our air conditioning at work couldn't even keep up. I would literally race home, run up the stairs and head to my air conditioned bedroom and not move for hours. Haha! I love our seasons in Michigan, but sometimes the extremes are too much. The hottest days in summer and the coldest days in winter can be the worst.

Especially when it's so hot outside, I just want a simple dress to throw on. I picked this up one from Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago. It's so easy to wear, plus I can see how I might remix it for Valentine's Day in the wintertime too! Gosh, I can't even think about wearing tights right now. It sounds like the worst thing ever.

Outfit details:

Forever 21 dress
AGAR mustard cardigan
Naked flats c/o Blowfish Shoes