The Winchester

So these past few months, I've been going out a lot more. One of my favorite hang out spots has been The Winchester, which is right in my neighborhood. It's a locally-owned (and nationally acclaimed) pub/restaurant with a retro feel and atmosphere. They have amazing food and drinks, with a great open-mic night on Mondays. It has already housed a ton of great memories with new and old friends. If you're ever in Grand Rapids, I'd definitely recommend checking this place out. Be sure to order the polenta fries!

So, this is Eric. You've probably seen him in a few of my Instagram posts. He introduced this place to me, and we've been having a really good time getting to know each other lately. He's also been helping me out with photos and it's been fun having him show me different places in the city. I love spending time with him and I'd hate to not introduce him, especially when my blog has always been a huge reflection of my life.

I've tried to make it a goal this summer to remix some of my older clothes, instead of acquiring new pieces. It's so easy to style up new items, but definitely a bit more of a challenge to rework old items. But it's a great way to try and inspire yourself. It's just a tad too short to wear without tights, so remixing it with a skirt worked super well. With any of my outfits, I always think about where I'm going... and try to create an outfit based on the atmosphere or setting of the location. I just felt like this was a good Winchester outfit. ;)

On Friday, we shared the polenta fries (they are the best). I ordered the spicy chicken lettuce wraps and Eric tried the grilled cheese B.L.T. We absolutely loved both. If you're able to try this place, I'd highly recommend ordering their butternut squash pierogies and fish tacos. So good! All of their produce comes from the garden they grow across the street. They also have a great selection of beers (one of Eric's favorites lately has been the Blue Point Toasted Lager from New York) and I love their homemade sangria.

Outfit details:

Pie in the Window dress c/o ModCloth
Thrifted skirt
Urban Outfitters belt
Llave necklace c/o Honey & Marrow
Champion Bowler hat c/o
ModCloth Urban Outfitters flats