Forty Mile Point Lighthouse

Ah, you guys! I'm so behind. I was supposed to be finished with Sunrise Coast posts like... two weeks ago. Oh well, here we are. On our last day up north, Eric and I headed along Lake Huron and made stops to the Presque Isle Lighthouses and then came here to Forty Mile Point Lighthouse. I luckily came across this one, otherwise I would have had no idea it was here... and it was right along the main road. Plus it had a shipwreck right on the shore of the beach! We explored and climbed the lighthouse tower, read about the many shipwrecks on Lake Huron and walked along the ruins of one.

I'm so excited to start diving into some of my fall clothes. I'm really looking forward to wearing mustards, greens, purples and dark reds. I have so many fun posts planned for autumn. I'm hoping we get the colors we usually do here in Michigan. It has been a really hot and dry summer, so we're all crossing our fingers that the leaves don't just immediately fall from the trees. Hah! I always call it though... as soon as I get back from fashion week, it feels like autumn in Michigan. So true. We've had perfect temperatures the last few days. I'm so ready for this season! It's the best!

It's so funny to see mountain man Eric in these photos, since he shaved and got his hair cut a couple of weeks ago now. I haven't posted much on our time in NYC for fashion week yet, only a recap on a couple of presentations I attended, but it was really fun! We ended up staying in this gorgeous apartment in Harlem, actually. I was the worst blogger though and barely took photos, so I'll have to do a quick instagram recap and talk more about it later.

It was pretty fun to see and walk along this shipwreck along the coast. It was a ship built in 1871 and sunk in October, 1905 while carrying iron ore from Escanaba, Michigan to Ohio. While battling heavy seas, the bow hit a sandbar and the entire front cabin tore off. Huge waves though carried the ship to shore and it washed up right on the shore by the light station. The captain and 10 crewmen were safe (one of them didn't even wake up!) But unfortunately a few of the mates tried to swim to shore and didn't make it. It's so crazy to think about a time like that in history.

Outfit details:

Ranunculus-ly Good Looking Skirt c/o ModCloth
 Crushed Cookies Top in Molasses
Mustard cardigan c/o AGAR
Forever 21 belt
Urban Outfitters basket weave flats