Meet Winny!

Hi everyone... so, I'd love to introduce you to Winny! I am seriously in love after just a few days. She's a Cockapoo - a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. She's only eight weeks old, but she's fearless yet gentle and so sweet. I honestly cannot believe her temperament and how smart she is. My life is all puppy talk lately. She's all I can think about! But she's doing so great with her potty training, climbing the stairs and eating her food. She rides in the car like a champ, plays with other pups nicely and loves to cuddle. I honestly get tears at how proud I am when she does everything right.

Eric and I talked about how if it was a boy, we'd name it Winchester (after our favorite restaurant and the place we had our "first date") and call him Winny for short. But since it ended up being a girl, she's just straight up "Winny". We love her to pieces. I'm so excited for the future. I actually cried the other day while holding her and was like, "We're gonna do so much! Lighthouse explore, swim in Lake Michigan, go for walks and runs!" I'm such a dog mom right now and sentimental as all get out.

This bottom picture is my favorite look she gives me. I seriously die. Whenever she's outside and I'm like "Go potty!" she gives me this look and then scampers off. It just cracks me up. So, expect to see a lot more of Winny on here and of course, on Instagram. I'm kinda obsessed. She'sso hard to photograph though because she's so dark! Every once in a while you'll just catch a glimpse of the white of her eyes! 

Outfit details:

I Can Seed Clearly Top c/o ModCloth
Jacket c/o Marshalls
J Brand Jeans via Lucky FABB
Urban Outfitters flats