Muskegon Breakwater Light

Here is the second of the two Muskegon lighthouses! This one is called the Muskegon Breakwater Light. It's located on the south arm of the Muskegon breakwater, near the channel. You can walk the breakwater to get to it, but it's also closed to the public. It was so cold when Eric and I walked out here, plus we had to walk over a mountain of snow and ice on the breakwater to even get to this point! I regretted choosing to take photos at these lighthouses when it was still winter. Haha! Oh well, said and done. Now I can spend the warm summer traveling out to harder-to-get-to lighthouses. Those trips are way more fun anyway. I love being a mini adventurer in my state. I have four weekend trips, one "staycation" and two day trips already planned for summer. Can you tell I'm excited?

Coming up soon, I'll have a fresh new look on Selective Potential. It's time for a bit of a change. I've pretty much had this design since I started my blog almost three and a half years ago now. I've gradually updated little things here and there, but this will be my first big "re-design". I'm really looking forward to it. The theme will stay the same though. I'm just hoping to clean it up around here and make the site faster to load. Plus, I just got a new MacBook Pro at work and the retina screen is insane. But any images that are text? They look horrible! My main navigation on this blog is awwwful. So I'll be converting as much as I can to live text. I'm excited!

Tonight I'm heading out with Eric to see friends play an acoustic country show. Tomorrow I have a new giveaway for you. I'm excited for this week to wrap up though... I'm hoping it's the last one of winter. I saw snow flurries as I was sitting in a meeting this afternoon. Ugh. I should have planned a warm spring break getaway. ;)

Outfit details:

Easy Breezy Dress in Navy c/o ever+mi.crush
Limited cardigan
Forever 21 tights
Dani Gold Wedges c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear