Muskegon Pier Lighthouse

This weekend, Eric and I went to the town I grew up in to visit with my parents and take pictures by the two lighthouses there. This specific lighthouse is the Muskegon Pier Light. This is the newer of the two built here. It replaced the breakwater light in 1903. You can see it from the beach, but it's inaccessible to the public. To be honest, I was one of those kids who couldn't wait to get out of the town I grew up in. Even today, I'm just not a fan of Muskegon. I only ever visit a few times a year to see my parents. I only live 45 minutes away, but it's like... a different universe. Haha! But I do love certain aspects about my hometown, these lighthouses included. I grew up going to the beach constantly as a kid, on the boat with my family and walking the pier to the lighthouse every summer. My elementary school was just over a dune from this beach, and my high school even had a lighthouse tower built on it. (No joke.) Our mascot was a sailor, and the school had a complete nautical theme. Haha! Of course I went to a high school with a lighthouse built on it. Of course.

Am I not wearing tights? Correct. Was I freezing? You betcha. I'm so over winter. Have I said that enough yet? I can't wait another second to wear spring/summer outfits. Honestly though, I was wearing mustard tights with this outfit. It didn't look good. I whipped them off in the car, froze my butt off for a few minutes and then got back into the car. It was so much warmer in the city compared to the shoreline. The winds coming off the lake were freezing! As for this outfit, I absolutely love everything nautical right now. ModCloth just had a huge feature of nautical items and I added about half of it to my wishlist. It goes so perfect with these types of settings! And I can mix/match anything and everything and it all goes together perfectly. I think I'm only going to buy nautical stuff from now on.

This weekend was a good one! On this particular day, we went to lunch with my dad and stepmom. Then, we stopped by my mom's gift shop in Lakeside, got some candy and sodas and headed to the beach. Other than that, I just watched movies on Netflix, did a huge closet overhaul (you can shop my closet here!), spring cleaning and caught up on a few to-dos! I can't believe we're 8 days away from "spring". I really hope it arrives on time. That dumb groundhog lied to us. But yeah, I just want bare legs and to ride my scooter! I just got a new cover and mirror for it too. I'm getting pumped! Also? I'm never taking these shoes off come summer. They are my absolute favorite. And they are Jeffrey Campbell - my favorite!

Outfit details:

Club Monaco Faye Stripe Tee
Vintage sailboats skirt
Helm ring gift from Bonjour Bbydoll
ModCloth Compass Rose Necklace
Bow to Stern Scarf in Navy Stripes c/o ModCloth
Shoes Your Own Adventure Heel c/o ModCloth