April wishlist

Are you guys so excited it's April?! It finally feels like spring in Michigan. The temperatures are still a bit chilly, but we're seeing a lot of sunshine and the promise of 50 degrees this week. Plus... thunderstorms are coming! I absolutely love April showers. It's mother nature's version of spring cleaning. Get rid of dat snowwww. Naow! Anyway, I'm a tad bit hyper on this sunny Friday afternoon. So... this month. It's obvious I'm liking yellow! After I grabbed items off my wishlists, I noticed an immediate pattern. Plus, this yellow umbrella from ModCloth would be the perfect pop of sunshine during stormy days. Additionally, I'm loving spring-inspired jewelry. This Citrine Romantic Petal Flower Ring from Fresh Trends is too cute. I'm also looking forward to wearing my cute new bathing suit from O Fabz Swimwear. They have seriously adorable vintage-inspired swimsuits. Other essentials for sunny weather? Sunglasses and a cute case. Plus, I want to continue with my goal of not drinking as much pop and so this "Tap is Terrific" bottle would be perfect to carry along. I'm such a huge fan of tap and hose water. I know, it's weird. I also enjoyed sand as a child. Don't judge. Anyway, happy spring! And happy Friday!