Spring on the tracks

Today was the first day it finally felt like spring! Windows down, bare legs, sunshine, warm breeze... perfection. I've been hoarding this outfit until it finally felt right, and today was the day! I felt very 70s in these colors. I loved it! A lot of people have asked me if this dress is new or vintage, and it's new! It just has the most amazing retro floral print ever. I picked both the top and jacket out together, knowing they'd look perfect combined in an outfit. I'm so excited to finally bust out my real spring clothes. I've been making collages on my secret Pinterest board since winter!

Well, April just flew by, now didn't it? I can't believe we only have a week left! I'm heading out to Boston this weekend for the Blog Better Boston Summit. I'll be teaching classes on how to build a media kit for your blog. After the conference, I'll be sure to do a recap post! I just can't wait to see everyone + enjoy the city for the weekend. It'll be nice to have a little getaway! Plus, when I fly back in, we wait an hour and then Eleanor flies in to stay with us for three weeks. I'm hoping to do as many corny Michigan things as possible while she's here. Plus, it looks like the good weather came just in time!

Other than that, not much is new! I got another peek at my blog design this past week and it's looking so good! I'm really excited to get everything updated and changed over. I'll have a bunch of work to do once the design is implemented, so I'm thinking of taking SP down for a day or two, but I'll keep you guys updated. For those of you who asked, I'm actually not doing the redesign! I designed my new logo, but I'm having Maiedae help me out with additional design/programming. I'm so excited. Those girls are so talented and I'm loving how they are helping me evolve my brand. Just a few hints, it'll be a lot cleaner around here, load time will be faster (images will be smaller, ugh, these big images are driving me nuts) and I'm going to focus more on photography, adventures, trips, outfits (of course) and I hope to incorporate more lifestyle posts into my blog. I'm excited for a change this summer! xo

Outfit details:

3/4 Sleeve Mid Thigh Dress c/o Tulle
Shawl Collar Jacket c/o Tulle
Expandable Tote c/o Thimble and Thorn
ModCloth Daylight Cravings Sunglasses
BC Footwear Scowl Wedges