April in Instagram

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April showers bring May flowers! We had an insane month of rainfall, which I loved. It was so cozy to sit in the office when it was totally dark and raining outside. It just felt like April this month. The time really flew by fast though. I'm just hoping that this summer slows down. I figure the best way to get time to slow down is to be less busy, so I'm going to try and streamline more and figure out how to take more time for myself. I just want hot weather, hair up, no plans, no to-do list, a full tank of gas in my scooter and a skirt and t-shirt with flats. I want the smell of BBQ, a warm breeze, windows down, beach days and weekend trips. I can't wait to take Winny down to Lake Michigan for the first time, to celebrate her first birthday, to see a bunch of new lighthouses and to just enjoy this life and be happy. But for a recap of this month...

  • Eric played in a country band for a weekend, and we had a ton of fun.
  • We were still seeing snow in the middle of the month. Ah!
  • I celebrated one-month of not biting my nails!
  • Winny was spayed this month, and it was so sad. But she's doing awesome and is totally back to her crazy self again.
  • I've been continuing to try and cook/eat healthy. This is a continuous WIP.
  • I've been collecting new items for a total bag makeover, including this adorable laptop case.
  • Love receiving new spring items; this season is so exciting!
  • We have actual flowers growing in our front yard. :)
  • And we had our first windows-down day. Hello, spring!

May is shaping up to be super packed month already. My friend Eleanor is coming to stay with us for three weeks. I will be launching a new blog design + some gradual changes in content. We'll celebrate Mother's Day with our families. I'm still planning on that darn 5K River Bank Run. We have an amazing pop-punk concert to see (NFG, Cartel & Living With Lions!). We have some really important family stuff coming up at the end of the month (prayers, please) and hopefully an amazing Memorial Day weekend to kick off the start of summer.