Welcome to my new layout! I'm so excited to be moving forward with it, finally. This new design/layout has been in my head for a year. I absolutely loved my old layout and I spent countless hours of the past three years making it perfect. But I felt like I needed a fresh look with Selective Potential. It's been an odd, rough, [yet amazing] year. And I'm to the point where I'm feeling settled again, constantly back to my happy self, no regrets, and ready and excited for the present and future. For some reason, letting go of my old design is kind of symbolic for me letting go of my past. It feels like a fresh start. But just as a goodbye… here's my previous design:

On my own, I just couldn't fully decide on a look and couldn't commit to the time. As always, other things kept coming up first. So I decided to work with Maiedae! They were so awesome, listened to exactly what I wanted, and helped me come up with a new design that I love. I was looking for something clean, with my brand still, with a slight nautical feel. I designed my new logo, and they helped with the rest. I also decided to move to one sidebar for a cleaner look, and make my images smaller. The big images were driving me nuts; mostly because you couldn't see an entire vertical photo on my laptop screen. Plus I didn't like my face THAT big on a screen. Haha! 

Thank you for your patience as I had my blog down for the past 24 hours. Stay patient with me as I'm adjusting and adding a few things here and there over the next few weeks. My Michigan page will be coming soon! Hope you enjoy the new look (I sure do!) and I look forward to an amazing summer of adventures with you guys. xo