Past summer favorites

We are only a few weeks away from the start of summer! I always consider Memorial Day to be the unofficial start though. Michigan is still pretty chilly (wearing knit tights today) and there is white fuzzies floating all through the air. Talk about allergy city. I have the worst sinus headache today, so it's definitely still spring. Every season though, I love to share my favorite outfits from seasons past. I had three summers to choose from. Eep! Selective Potential is getting up there! Summer isn't my favorite time for outfits, but it's 1000x better than winter, let's just say that. We get really humid and muggy weather here, so sometimes all you feel like wearing is your birthday suit, except you can't do that in public. Ha! So most of the time I'm wearing a loose-fitting tee with a floral skirt and flats. Not that exciting. But! We'll see what I can come up with this year. I have a fun content calendar planned. ☺