Frankfort Light

During our trip up north to Frankfort, Eric and I headed to Frankfort Light. The original lighthouse was built in 1873 at the end of a long wooden pier, with a catwalk that led to shore. In 1932, it was placed at what now is the northern concrete pier, as you see here. The original pyramid style lighthouse was increased in size by placing it on top of a new two-story edition. Neat right? I love how they piece together these old lighthouses, keeping the original aspects and history a part of it!

The walkway to get to the lighthouse actually freaked me out a little bit! It was very narrow and I was wearing wedges and holding onto crazy Winny. Plus, it was super windy and the waves from Lake Michigan kept hitting the breakwater and splashing up. This lighthouse was fun to see though because the shape is unique. I also love seeing white lighthouses because I grew up surrounded by red ones, so white ones are pretty rare to me! I'm seeing a white and red spiral one this summer. I'm so excited!

Winny insisted on rolling in the dirty puddles on the pier, barking at every passerby, tugging at her leash and looking back at me annoyed when I wouldn't walk faster. Typical Win. I can't believe her one-year birthday is coming up! Isn't that 10 years in human world? What a little girl now! She's smart, but sometimes just so... dumb. Haha! Funny dumb though. Like when she rams her head into a wall at home, and just acts like nothing at all happened. It's funny that one year ago I had no idea I'd have her in my life, and now I can't imagine life without her.

It has been a crazy week, but things are starting to feel good again. Our apartment isn't done yet, work is very busy, we have plans scheduled almost every weekend until the end of the summer, but for some reason things feel like they're slowing down. Last night, I walked down to the bakery and ordered a simple turkey and provolone sandwich, came home and ate it on the porch with a black cherry cola. It was just peaceful to sit in the sun, people-watch and enjoy a slow moment. I'm definitely working on taking my stress down by slowing down. I think it's a key thing to my being happy.

Outfit details:

Back Flounce Top c/o Jaleh Clothing
Minnie the Maneater Skirt c/o Lace Affair
Forever21 belt
Bow to Stern Scarf in Crimson Stripes c/o ModCloth
Pretty Possibilities Wedge in Custard c/o ModCloth