Call for Guest Bloggers!

In August, I will be taking a week off from work, blogging, everything. I haven't done this in forever! As you might guess, I'm pretty excited! I will be traveling to the upper peninsula to take a lighthouse boat tour, visit with friends, travel around back roads and explore. During the week that I'm gone, I'm looking for four guest bloggers to take over. While I'm out adventuring, I'd love for the theme of that week to be Adventure in Style. I'm looking for outfit posts that include lighthouses, caves, waterfalls, quirky drive-in theaters, monuments, sculptures, natural wonders, you name it. If you can match your outfit to your location in some way, even better!

I will be taking submissions until Monday, July 15th. This doesn't mean the full post, just an idea of what you're thinking. I will then select four of you to participate and work with you to get the post up in August. Please include a link to your blog! This will give you three weeks to go on the adventure and take photos. You can email all ideas/submissions to me at I can't wait to see what you guys come up with and work with four of you on doing a post! xo