STLFW: Part 1

What an amazing weekend in Saint Louis for Saint Louis Fashion Week! Eric and I headed out of town on Wednesday evening. We ended up driving, which took about 6.5 hours from Grand Rapids. Not too bad! We made one fuel stop along the way, and got into town around 1:30AM (our time). It's always so much fun to approach the city and see the arch from a distance. It's such an amazing sight. I woke Eric up as soon as we were able to see it!

We stayed in the most wonderful, charming hotel ever called The Cheshire. It resembles a traditional British Inn. The lobby is so quirky - with a giant bear, tons of unique furniture and art pieces. I loved staying there! It's a little outside of downtown, but we were actually pretty central to everything we did - dining out, heading downtown or going out to the malls for some shopping.

On our first day, we went to a luncheon and presentation for Rungolee. It was wonderful! Lunch was really incredible, we got to explore her studio (it was as big as my apartment!) and see a presentation with models wearing her line. Everything was beautiful. Of course, as the worst blogger ever, I forgot my camera, but you can check out my Instagram for a few peeks of her  inspiration board + of the brunch! And if I can snag some other photos, I'll share. ;)

Honestly, I was very stumped as to how to pack outfits for this trip. I put away all of my summer stuff a few weeks ago. Like, packed into boxes, and put deep into the basement until next spring. But it called for 80s in Saint Louis, and boy... it was hot. And muggy. At home in Michigan, the leaves are almost completely changed and I'm constantly in sweaters/jeans/tights/boots so it was really challenging to revert back to summer for a weekend! Eric and I both had such a great time in Saint Louis though. He said he'd totally move there, even buying a Schlafly Brewing t-shirt. Haha!

On a totally separate note, for those of you in Grand Rapids, Michigan - there is an amazing fashion event coming up on Thursday, October 10th at the Van Andel Institute called Couture for a Cure. NYC fashion designer, Cynthia Rose, will be having a runway presentation of her Holiday '13 and Spring '14 collection. The event includes a cocktail reception, and attendees will receive a swag bag. All proceeds benefit and support disease research and science education at Van Andel Institute. I'm really excited to attend and I hope to see some of you there!

Outfit details:

Forever21 jacket
Polka Dot Dress c/o Dorothy Perkins
Vintage Coach purse
Icing Triangle Pendant Necklace
Samantha Pleet Arc Boots c/o Wolverine