Industry Night

On Thursday night in Saint Louis, we met up at The Restaurant at The Cheshire for a strolling dinner of yummy foods and drinks. It was good to hang out and mingle with the national bloggers before heading out for Industry Night. We headed downtown for this event, checked in and headed upstairs to check out a presentation of different designers. My favorite was the Suzanne Lay collection - very bright, feminine and retro. Perfect for spring! (Are we seriously already talking spring?)

When we got to our hotel room, there was a real floral crown waiting on our bed. Of course I had to wear it out! Like I said, I packed so horribly for this trip so I didn't really feel great about my outfits. I went for the typical motto of "when it doubt, wear all black". The floral crown definitely helped add something special to this outfit. ;)

It was fun to be able to sit front row with the other bloggers and view the runway show up close! There were several designers including Samantha Pleet, Eva Franco, Jennifer Chun, Laura Kathleen and Wai Ming. I absolutely loved everyone, but of course my favorite was Samantha Pleet. Her style/vision is just so dreamy. It's hard to not fall in love. Plus, I have a special place in my heart for her because of my close relationship with Wolverine. And I'm just head over heels in love with the shoes she has designed with them. And it was fun to see all of the models wearing them!

This look below from Samantha Pleet was my favorite from the runway presentation. It's just so simple and pretty. I'm in love with the blue color of this dress, and those red picnic sandals. I think I like this outfit so much because it feels nautical, without screaming nautical. I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit while lighthouse exploring next summer. As much as I adore autumn, it means winter is coming up soon and I'm never ready for winter. Bare legs, lighthouse exploring, warm wind? It's kind of my favorite thing ever.

Outfit details:
Forever 21 dress (similar)
Marshalls jacket (similar)
Homemade floral crown
Green Tech Savvy Clutch c/o Mark