Eastown Theatre

Last weekend, during our time in Detroit, we stopped to the old Eastown Theatre. I had no idea we were going there. As Eric told me to continue driving through this shady neighborhood, I was like... oh my gosh, where are we going? We stopped and got out of the car, and I was honestly scared. This is apparently in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit. But I'm really glad I braved up and went inside, because it was absolutely insane, yet amazing. This beautiful structure just left to completely decay and fall apart. So crazy! The theatre opened in 1931, with a movie starring Clark Gable. It was built solely for "talking pictures", but ended up turning into a rock venue in 1969. Fleetwood Mac even played there! It eventually turned into one of the city's most notorious drug-infused rock venues, and a place for raves in the 90s. In 2010, a fire destroyed most of the building and it's been left and abandoned ever since. It's definitely worth a trip if you're in the area just to see, but definitely go during the day when it's light out and be super careful!