TxSC: Jamboree Party

On our last night at TxSC camp, we had our khaki cool jamboree party! I struggled with what to wear to this event. I wanted to make sure I ordered something that I'd wear again in the future, since khaki isn't necessarily a staple in my closet. ;) But after reading the description of wear "whites, golds, creams", I tried to base an outfit off of that. I went with a patterned dress from ModCloth, my new favorite spring/summer cardigan, and my go-to flats. I also had to bring out the tights for this outfit, because it was not warm in Austin!

It was a super fun evening spent in the dining hall! We had such a good dinner, plus the mini cupcakes were so yum! They had a bunch of photobooths set out, a craft-bead necklace station, along with an ice-cream float station with Honest Tea and so much more. There was also a fun dance party happening! I headed back to the room semi-early to chit chat with my bunkmates on our last night and to get ready to fly out the next morning!

That wraps up my TxSC recaps! I'll be back again tomorrow (I was a slacker this week) with my post on how to host your own wine club! I'm super excited. I absolutely love hosting it, and so many of you have had questions on how to host your own. Have a good Thursday evening! xo

Thank you to Chelsea Laine Francis for some of these photos!