Camp Bachelorette

Phew, I finally got my disposable camera images back from my Camp Bachelorette party! I'm so excited about them. They're quirky, and blurry, and tilted, but they truly capture the fun of the weekend. Over Labor Day weekend, I went with nine of my closest girlfriends up north to Montague to stay at White River Campground! We rented out two rustic cabins, and they were adorable. We slept in bunk beds all weekend, in cute cabins, overlooking sand creek! And we were blessed with such wonderful summer weather. I had the best time.

Our first day at camp, we had a welcome lunch around the campfire. Afterwards, we all got into our swimsuits to head to the pool! My friend, Sharisa, got me this amazing donut pool floaty that I spent most of my time in. ;) After the pool, we all headed back to camp to get ready and take a road trip out to Lake Michigan. We toured the White River Lighthouse, took a walk to the end of the pier, and then Mani and I decided to dive into the lake. It was SO warm and absolutely amazing. There's nothing like swimming in Lake Michigan. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at the local Dog 'N Suds and headed back for lots of conversation + fun around the bonfire!

Our second day at camp, we went out for a fun tubing adventure on the White River! We all grabbed our tubes, hopped on an old school bus for drop off, and spent three hours on the river listening to music, having drinks and the yummiest jell-o shots, and avoiding branches and laughing. Such good memories! After tubing, we headed back to camp for another pool visit! I couldn't bring myself to get out of the pool. It just felt ammaazing. It was like I knew summer would end once I left that pool. Haha. Afterwards, we had pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches for dinner, and watched chick flicks in the cabin!

Our last day, we packed up camp and headed to breakfast at Gary's Diner in downtown Whitewall and said our goodbyes! What a seriously fun weekend with some of my favorite people in the world. I loved it! Now I want to go back!