Transition to autumn

Heyyyy guyyys. I'm so tired. Haha. I really knew I needed to get a post up, but man, this week has been so busy. This slimdown challenge has been a lot of work, and it's worth it, but I feel like I don't have a free second anymore. Between working full-time, prepping meals, working out an hour a day, taking blog photos, running errands for the wedding, cooking meals, I sit down for a half hour at night only to update here and in our support group, and then I'm off to bed to do it all over again! I'm feeling the challenge, that's for sure.

Eric and I both have been so busy lately that I've had to start taking my own outfit shots lately too, which is way more time consuming than when he can just quickly snap some. But I'm happy I was able to actually focus the camera on my tripod (for some of them!) and they turned out okay. That's a whole other learning curve in itself. Majors props to girls who take their own photos all the time. I also just made a new shop page with some of my recently worn clothing items, my wishlist, and everyday beauty products. I'm switching over a few of my ads too, trying to consolidate everything into one program. At this point, the more time I can save, the better!

For those of you curious about my 21 Day Slimdown, I signed up for it through a local coaching center. It includes a 3-day cleanse, a 21 day meal plan, unlimited workout classes, and a month's supply of Shakeology shakes. I've been using those for my breakfast, and eating clean for the rest of my meals. I go by the healthy MyPlate guidelines which is 1/4 of your plate is a lean protein, 1/4 is a complex carbohydrate (sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, etc.) and 1/2 of your plate is vegetables. I'll be doing BodyPump classes (strength training/cardio) 2x a week, and cardio another 3x a week. I just tried a new class called Piloxing (mix of pilates and boxing) and it was maybe the most intense hour of my life... but it was really fun. The other two days I just plan on running for 45 minutes to an hour with Winny! I'm excited to see my results at the end, and I'll be sure to share!

Alright, I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is another busy day. Full day of work, wedding makeup trial, the Runway on Wealthy show put on by Lee & Birch, and hopefully after that I can just head home a little early to relax! I finally get a 'rest day' tomorrow in my workout plan, so I'm crazy looking forward to that. I'll be back though with (hopefully) some pictures from my bachelorette party and a recap of the runway show!

Outfit details:

Post-Production Finesse Tunic c/o ModCloth
Levi's Super Skinny Jeans
Moorea Seal Woodland Wide Brim Hat (similar here, here and here)
Forever21 Bird Necklace (similar here)
Cape May I Join You? Sandal c/o ModCloth (similar here)