Autumn begins

Autumn began this week and it has been amazing. This is absolutely my favorite season of the year. It has been gorgeous so far too, still pretty warm, lovely winds, leaves falling and changing color, and the general golden atmosphere is beautiful. I've been so consumed with classes and fashion, that we haven't gotten a chance to do anything fall-festivity related yet, but we have plenty of time.

Today, Brett and I took a little walk around our place. It was such a great day today; 64 degrees and sunshine. We also got some "throwing leaves" photographs! Earlier, we went out to lunch with Brett's parents, and went to the hardware store to get our new kitchen floor! Then we walked around the antique mall and got groceries.

There are so many things I cannot wait to do this fall. Go to robinette's cider mill, eat a caramel apple, drink hot apple cider, bake pumpkin spice cookies, put in our new kitchen flooring, spend an entire day with jen, go to chicago for the weekend, shop at ragstock, explore a corn maze, take a (haunted) hay-ride, visit a cemetery, see a detroit tiger's baseball game, visit royal oak, go to ikea!, pick out pumpkins from green acres, carve pumpkins, buy halloween candy, spend hours in halloween usa, pick out costumes, pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters, eat pumpkin pie, drink a million more soy pumpkin spice lattes, take a walk in the woods, explore vintage stores, take a million photographs, spend time with friends, take a walk downtown grand rapids, watch halloween movies, wear my leather jacket, scarves and heels. Love, love, love autumn time.