Lakeside sidewalk sale

This morning, I woke up and headed to Lakeside to my Mom's gift shoppe, The Village Gift Shoppe, to help with her sale! We had to set everything outside because it was a sidewalk sale. It was actually a great turnout; made the day go by really fast! I stayed inside mostly, drank a lot of hazelnut mocha coffee, and helped her with wrapping gifts + ringing up customers. I also set up a few new items of hers for fall + halloween. There was a golden sunlight coming through the windows, and it was around sixty degrees outside today, so it just felt so fall. I'm so excited fall starts on Tuesday. It's definitely my favorite season + and I'm going to live up every second of it. After a while, I left to go visit Dad + Shar for a second, and ran home to pick up Brett so he could come help pack up. We packed everything back into boxes and closed up shop! What a wonderful day for a sale outside; gorgeous weather.

Afterwards, Brett and I ate dinner at Russ' and went to Target. I bought a new shirt + we went to the Lakes mall to look around. What a dump. I don't know how people in Muskegon shop. They must have to drive to Grand Rapids every time. Seriously. We went home, Jeremy came over and installed our amazing wireless! And now I'm watching the VMA's (so boring) and fashion blogging.