Detroit Tiger's game

Brett and I headed out to the east side of the state on Saturday. We went to IKEA first to spend a few hours shopping! Loved it; of course. Got a lot of new things for the apartment. Afterwards, we ate at Applebee's and drove to downtown Detroit. It was raining on and off all day long and we were just praying  for it to just subside for the game! We got parked, walked and it held out. We got inside and Brett saw and got to shakes hands with Willie Horton, a living Detroit Tiger's baseball legend! We found our seats, saw Brenna and Andrew right by us! It drizzled a little bit and was in the low 50's, but it honestly wasn't too terrible weather for a game. The Tiger's played the Chicago White Sox and lost 4-1. But it was a fun game; and they pulled it together today ;)

So yeah, good day in the east side. Afterwards, I drove home (so tired!) Stopped for animal crackers and coffee. Got home around 2 in the morning. Phew!