Water on the boardwalk

So, in a nutshell, this is my style. Simplicity is key. I'm a graphic design student who is constantly critized for having "too-simple" designs, but that's just who I am and what I love about design! Whether it be web, graphic, fashion or interior, or whatever. I love simplicity. This is actually my AA dress I turned into a top. I absolutely love the back of it. I also think these jeans make my butt look weird but they are my first size 0's ever and I'm seriously so proud of myself for losing all of my weight. I could cry tears of joy every time I look into the mirror and see this whole new person. This person I always wanted to be but never was. I'm sappy.

Outfit details:

Old Navy jeans
American Apparel top/dress
Urban Outfitters scarf
Forever21 flats