Cold, rainy

Today was the dreariest, crummiest day ever. I woke up and it was slightly warm and the sun was actually coming out behind those darn clouds! Then, I left class to go take some photos around college for a weblab student work showcase I'm working on, and it was cloudy, drizzly and awful out. I had to razor scooter through the streets of downtown in the brr cold!

(the atrium at my college!)

(just thought I'd post a random photo of three of my best friends, brett, peter & sergeant death)

I've been in love with Jujyfruits lately for whatever reason. Most of the time you get a stale box and they cling to your teeth and you can never get them out, but if you happen to get a fresh box, oh my! Delicious! I can eat an entire box in one sitting lately. Eep!

I've still been baffled with hair colors, because I'm so in love with Zooey, but I've decided that I'm in love with my hair right now. It's overgrown and messy, and I do love it (right now). Maybe someday I'll do the Zooey color but for now I'll just replicate her hair cut; gosh I love her bangs. I need mine cut more like hers next time I go to Aveda.

Looking at pictures of Kirsten make me feel better too, because she's absolutely amazing and she's a blondie. Not all girls can pull off blonde either; so I guess I shouldn't take it for granted. I've seen a lot of brunette's try blonde, and it looks just awful, so if I can pull it off, I might as well live up to my blonde's potential for now. But we'll see what the future brings! :)

I would absolutely love for some of you girls to come to Grand Rapids Fashion week with me! I don't care who, just anybody! I'm trying to get a few girls in the area to all go together! We could meet up at the fashion show, walk around, grab some dinner downtown, watch the fashion show at 7:30 pm and I know there are some after-parties that might be fun too! No set plans, I just wanted to see if girls wanted to go. I already bought my ticket, so I'm going no matter what, even if I'm going alone! Eep!

(being held at devos place)


Hope to see you girls there! Even if you don't know the girls going, come anyway! It's a great chance to meet some new friends, see some fashion and have some fun.