Floral tights

Every wondering? Whenever I need to come up with a blog post that doesn't really pertain to anything, I just open up my music library and select randomly. They're all just song titles! I've been so busy lately. Awful busy. I wake up 6:45 AM, drive 15 minutes, work 7:30-11:30 AM, drive 45 minutes, pine for a parking spot, run down the hill (today I brought my razor scooter though!) and have class from 12:30-6:20 (or 9:20 on Tuesdays) Then I walk up the hill, drive home 35 minutes, and it's awful. It's dark out by the time I get home, so I can never get fashion shots. I swear I live in my car.

It was dark out, but I think these turned out okay. I just bought these tights from Forever 21. It's slightly embarrassing running into one of the most fashionable girls you know working there (who reads this!) and knows you're going to post a blog post with the item you just bought. Hehe!

I had this ice-cream at my friend's apartment a few weeks ago; and I absolutely love it. I eat half the carton at a time. I usually get light cake batter ice-cream at Cold Stone, but they don't offer it on this part of town, and I'm always so bummed, so this is the perfect alternative. Mmm!

One of my favorite obsessions? Brett's old photographs. He has this old photo album with a bunch of them, and I lurk them all the time because I love them so much. He's going to murder me when he sees I uploaded this, but he has had this amazing picturesque life. And look at how gorgeous he IS! Or was. Muaahaha.

Another thing I'm loving lately? Halloween commercials on television. I absolutely love this time of year. Brett and I saw tons of pumpkins at Green Acres today. I cannot wait to go purchase some very soon!

Outfit details:

Forever21 tights
Forever21 jacket
Forever21 top
BCBG skirt
Ralph Lauren wedges