The Dierolf's 3rd Annual Christmas Party

The Dierolf's 3rd Annual Christmas Party went great! Although half the people that said they were going to show up didn't and only our really close friends came, I think I'd rather have it that way anyway. I had the biggest spread ever. I probably could have fed 25 people tonight and we only had 9! Thank you to our friends that came. It means the world to us to be able to throw a Christmas party every year for you guys. We love all of you!

I think my photo booth turned out well! If you moved around too much, the pictures turned out blurry but I really do love these pictures. Let me introduce you to my very close friends from top left to bottom right.. Mike, Kait and Jeremy, Brett and I (of course!), Peter (you've met him!), Tim and Lisa and Damian.

After everybody left, Brett told me that my dress kept doing this all night. I was like, Great! Now you tell me my butt is fully exposed after I went through the whole night! Teehee.

We built an amazing fort. I really love it. We borrowed sheets from Brett's mom's church and we had over 25 sheets in this thing probably, plus tons of blankets and pillows. We put a little table in the fort with Christmas cookies and decorated it with twinkle lights. I love it. It's the greatest fort ever. I'm so glad Brett and I are still children together. After everyone left, we immediately went and crawled into our fort and talked. I think next year I'm going to change up the party a little bit. I'm going to do an actual dinner with just our really close friends. Like a really fancy, awesome, sit down dinner.

But overall, it was a lovely night! I'm going to leave up all of the snowflakes and decorations until after Christmas. They make the apartment so cozy. I don't know if I ever want to take the snowflakes.. or the fort down! Brett is snoring on the couch right now.. and my head hurts from this headband. So I'm going to head to sleep now. Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday!