Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everyone! What a wonderful day. I woke up to my adorable husband bugging me to wake up so we could unwrap gifts. When I was cranky, he even let me sleep another hour before bugging me again! Haha; I love him. We unwrapped gifts together! He got me so much. I could have killed him! Hehe. But I got Some Like It Hot, (500) Days of Summer (favorite movie ever!), Julie & Julia and The Kid. (I've been searching everywhere for The Kid with Charlie Chaplin.. can't believe he found it!) Such perfect movie choices! I also got Jujyfruits, a Nikon D40 remote (yay for fashion shots!) and the most perfect gift ever.. see the very bottom!

After we opened gifts, we ran to his parent's house to spend Christmas day. Brett grabbed a few shots of me before heading over there. All of our snow is melting. It was kind of a gross day. Slushy and rainy!

Everyone said my tights looked like wrapping paper. I also wore these to our 3rd annual Christmas party, but wanted to wear them again here. They feel very festive.. and they deserved better photos this time around. :)

I love spending Christmas Day at Brett's parent's house. It's so warm and comforting. Brett's mom decorates their entire house so beautifully and their spread is just gorgeous. We had roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (mmm.. my absolute favorite!), rolls and so much more deliciousness. I love Christmas dinners.

From Brett's parents, we got so many amazing gifts. I got a GPS (I got two of them this year.. eep! We might have to exchange one!) and clothes, lotions, gift cards, Confessions of a Shopaholic!, Marley and Me. From Brett's brother and sister-in-law, we got a target gift card and a couple of movies. Gosh, I can't even remember all we got now.. it feels like it's been so much this year. Brett got me this..

A pass to go to Chicago for the day (my favorite city ever..) and a lot of money (grrr..) to go shopping. He knows my favorite thing ever is just to go shopping and pick everything out myself. I can't wait. I absolutely adore Chicago. Even though, their sales tax is out of control (12%?!?!) and Urban is having a huge sale in Lansing tomorrow, so we're going to do that and I'll probably end up spending my money there.. but we are for sure going to Chicago next Saturday! I can't wait.

Outfit details:

Forever21 shirt dress
Betsey Johnson tights
Target scarf
Jeffrey Campbell boots