Snowy Sundays

My Sunday flew by this week. Not to mention, it's 3:24 AM and I'm pulling an all-nighter to finish up on school, but thought I'd take a break to update. We went to breakfast with Brett's parents and some out-of-town family, came back to show them our apartment and soon after headed to Grandma's for a holiday open house. Then, we came home, gathered up a truckload of laundry and spent all evening working on that at his parent's house. I also watched Desperate Housewives, of course. What an episode! Then, I got home.. and while Brett was heading to bed, I was out at the grocery store getting groceries for us and a bunch of things for work. What a long day.

I'm not at all liking my bangs right now. I can't wait until they grow back out. I'm also thinking I need to do something with these roots already. Either highlight them or dye the entire thing brown. I swear hair is .. life defining to me. I just always think your hair color says the most about you. I always really love brunettes - Le Blog de Betty, Zooey, Natalie Portman, but then I'm blonde. That's me. I always struggle with the dumbest decisions.

I just finished up my huge final flash project. I spent.. honestly.. from 6 pm tonight until just now.. so 9 hours on it. Now I'm off to work on my game I have to design in Photoshop for another class. By then, Brett will be up to go to work and I'll hop in the shower, straighten my hair and pick out my outfit for the day. I'm running out of winter inspiration already. I need some new jackets and boots. As much as I love these guys, I hope I'm not boring you guys to death. Have a wonderful Monday!

Outfit details:

Pink Mink Dress
Gap jacket
T.J. Maxx scarf
Gap tights
Forever21 purse
Jeffrey Campbell boots