Top five of 2009

This is my last documentation of 2009; phew! What a busy week in blogging. I've been so excited to see girl's recaps on 2009. It's been exciting to find out that some of my favorite fashion bloggers haven't been blogging that long and yet their blogs are so successful! Phew.. I just said blog a lot in a row! One of my biggest resolutions is to continue working my butt off on Selective Potential. It has been the best thing ever so far and I hope it'll get even better in 2010. Anyway, as promised, here is a little fashion recap on 2009. I've only been fashion blogging since September (so that's a total of 4 months out of 12) but I've gotten a lot done since then! These top 5 were taken from Chictopia's chic votes. They are mostly my favorites.. but I'd also like to add a few more favorites that I took before my blog really took off. Enjoy and have a safe and happy new year's eve!

#1 - Living in Winterland - taken in December (just recently!) It was on the front page of Chictopia, which I think really helped with the chic votes. It's also really flattering to see that my number 1 voted outfit is the outfit I'm in every single day right now. Nice!

#2 - November Sun - taken in November. This is my favorite outfit I've ever worn. This is exactly the style I want to create everyday, just in different forms somehow. Not only am I wearing my favorite boots ever, I'm in love with the dress, the bag.. just the entire feel to the outfit. If I could only have 1 outfit.. it would be this.

#3 - Sweet November - taken in November. This won Weardrobe's "Best look in heels" contest! This is when I was obsessed with the side braid and wore it every single day! I felt so autumn in this look. Definitely one of my favorites.

#4 - Bright snow - taken in December. I personally loved these photos and this outfit. Of course, I knew I'd get some slack from girls saying.. oh how dumb, it's freezing outside. Of course it is. I'm not wearing this out and about. I just wanted to play show and tell! I'm glad it was rated in the top 5. I think it was deserving!

#5 - Gun Lake - taken in November. I love this romper so much. It was such a happy accident that I (or my friend, Andrea) found it for me. I felt the whole look really came together well. I feel like it's very similiar to #2, which is the exact style I've strived for and was never able to accomplish until now!

As you can see, I've had a busy November and December.. but I also wanted to feature some of my favorites from before these two months and before I was really "noticed" in the blogging world.

In September, when I started.. the photo that kind of "took off" was my Little Black Dress look. I was so excited. I had only been fashion blogging for about a month, when I was featured on the Who What Wear style stalker article... and nearly had a heart attack for this Rainy Days look.

This first outfit, Blue November, was featured on Kensie's blog! And the second outfit, Sixty-eight degrees, was just a big hit on Chictopia with comments. I felt crazy when I put this outfit on.. but I loved it.. and the comments I got from girls were such an inspiration. It honestly inspired me to push the fashion envelope even more.

And.. definitely one of my favorites, Ask Me Again.

It's kind of weird how I've been naming my outfits. You kind of have to with Chictopia, Weardrobe, Lookbook and blog titles! Hopefully I can keep up the creativity in 2010! Can't wait to see what I come up with in the new year and to see what all of you come up with too!