Winter streets

I woke up this morning to sunshine! The snow was all melting away with our heat wave of 35 degrees! Our friend, Peter, came into town to hang out. We grabbed some lunch and took a few shots in the streets of downtown Grand Haven. Afterwards, we headed over to the mall to look around and are now home watching Four Christmases.

Say hello to Peter! He's been our really good friend for a lot of years. When I first started dating Brett, I was basically dating the both of them because the 3 of us spent so much time together. It's been a blast. Brett and I call him our love child. He lived with us all last summer. He just recently moved back to Michigan from Cincinnati; he's a great classical guitarist who is studying to become a music teacher at Michigan State University. Plus he's a total style icon (psssst... who's single!) I was excited that Brett grabbed the shots of us because I told Peter my "guy" followers would be so excited.. and he was like, "You have guy followers?" and I'm like, "Nope!" Haha! Or do I?...?.. except Brett, of course. ;) He doesn't count.

Brett and Peter are leaving later to go see Boondock Saints 2 and I'm going to stay here! Eat some dinner, organize something, catch up on reading my Bloglovin' roll and watch Holiday Inn.

Outfit details:

Forever21 jeans
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Gap tee
H&M jacket
Urban Outfitters flats