First outfit of 2010

Welcome, 2010! I'm looking forward to you. Last year, I had one major resolution, which I finally accomplished. This year, I just cannot decide on one. I'm very much content with my life right now.. but there are always little things I'd love to work on. The major things this year will be graduating in Spring, staying at my goal weight, getting out of debt (less than 4 months!), making Selective Potential even better yet and I'd really love to go to New York in the fall for fashion week. I will definitely accomplish the first four, but traveling to NYC is just a dream. I've never been there and I'd love to go for fashion week, but I won't have vacation time yet, so we'll have to see. Maybe I can beg work to let me off for a few days!

It was 11 degrees out, so we snapped these as quickly as possible and got back into the warm Jeep. I didn't wear this dress all day. I wore it out on New Year's Eve, but the photos we took didn't turn out, so I wanted to retake some to give this dress justice. I bought it on sale.. it was originally $170.00 and I bought it for $30. Isn't that amazing?! I lurked everywhere at Macy's for the French Connection studded cardigan I really wanted, but the saleslady said it was sold out. Bummer!

I picked up these moto gloves from Forever 21 last night. I love them. The little bows and gold details add the perfect touch. They match my Jeffrey Campbell boots perfectly. Brett thought they were a little crazy. I was cracking up when he said... "I don't know about those gloves. I couldn't see myself wearing something like that." Hahaha! I would hope not, crazy husband!

Today, we cleaned. We threw our Christmas tree off the roof and it left needles all over our entire apartment. Thank goodness we have all wood floors so we were able to just sweep it all up! We did some grocery shopping, ate at Logan's with Brett's parents and went to see Sherlock Holmes with our friends, Jeremy and Kait. It was very good. I enjoyed it! It has felt like Sunday all day long. I'm so glad I get one more day to sleep in!

I'm doing a feature soon called The Guy Behind the Camera. I know a lot of girls use tripods or friends or parents, but I know a lot of girls have boyfriends or husbands behind the camera. I think that is adorable. How sweet is it to think of all the amazing guys out there who support their wives/girlfriends by shooting pictures of them in the freezing cold, or even when they think their outfits are crazy or when they are asked to retake the same photo a million times? I love it. I want to showcase some of the guys out there. I adore Brett. Not every guy would be so sweet to take photos like he does (or like all of your boys do!) Send me their photos and your blog and I'll be doing a showcase! Depending on how many photo submissions I get, it might be spread out! Send them to! I want pictures of the guys and one of you (unless there is one on your blog I can steal!)

Outfit details:

French Connection dress
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Forever21 gloves
Target tights
Jeffrey Campbell boots