Furniture city

Brett and I decided to go to Grand Rapids today to hang out. I'm there every weekday, but I don't actually have time to enjoy the city, so it's nice to go on a weekend. We walked around the artsy area of downtown for a little bit, over by a couple of venues, thrift stores and our favorite record store. It's improving so much over there. Tons of art on the buildings.. it's really looking great. So proud of that city. I love it there. We snapped these shots in front of this mural. Furniture city. My college is actually quite known for it's furniture program. My college started as a small college, offering a 2-year program in art and housed some of the greatest artists who would build up the Grand Rapids furniture industry. Now it has over fourteen majors in fine art. Pretty amazing! I couldn't love my college more. Perfect for me.

We are super lucky to have a really amazing local record store, Vertigo. Brett loves it there. We can never escape without him purchasing at least a couple of records for his collection.

Then, we ventured over to a couple of stores. One being a local vintage clothing store, Scavenger Hunt. They had some cool boots for Brett and I loved this two-piece dress, but we didn't end up walking out with anything. Maybe next time! It's always great to support local business.

We went to a store that I adore (but it's way too expensive for me!) called Bohemia Too. I saw this adorable ruffled Betsey Johnson dress that I would have loved to get for the upcoming conference, but it was $430! I've never spent that much on a dress.. not even my wedding dress! But I still love looking around the store. They had this crazy cat.. we thought maybe he/she was pregnant at first, but the guy in the store said, "He's all man!" Haha!

Afterwards, we headed to the mall to look around. Ended up using my Weardrobe gift card to Aldo for some cute oxfordesqe flats, bought a couple of tops from F21 and a book about Michigan from Barnes and Noble. I don't need a book about Michigan. I just love to waste money. I was trying to come up with reasons.. like, "Brett! This would be so great for our Michigan trips! I can write down cool things in my blog about Michigan!" He was like.. yeah..! It was my new year's resolution to start sticking to the budget.. but January has been a crazy month. I'll start Feb 1 ;)

Outfit details:

Zara skirt
Pink Mink dress
Urban Outfitters scarf
H&M jacket
Jeffrey Campbell boots