Saturday freedom

What a great Saturday! I feel like so much of my time is planned out with work and classes and driving and cleaning and I don't have a minute of freedom, but today I had all the freedom in the world which was so well needed! I had time to stop to the post office to mail out Delightful Dozen items and take my niece out to lunch and to take some pictures of her! I came home to get ready and Brett and I drove out to East Lansing for some shopping and an evening out there with our friend, Peter!

We met up with Peter at Urban Outfitters and they waited while I tried things on and walked back and forth and back and forth throughout the store. If I can't come up with an outfit there, I don't know how I'm going to choose an outfit for NYFW within my own closet. I'm freaking out. I've never been to any sort of event like this, never been to NYC before and really have no idea what to expect or wear! I tried on so many things and put them all back and only ended up buying a few belts on sale. We ate at Noodles & Co., went back to Peter's apartment to see his new place and then out to Forever 21. I was trying on these adorable heels when Peter pointed out another pair of amazing wedge boots that I grabbed immediately. I cannot shop with those two ever, but tonight they were actually giving me tips and telling me what to buy and following me in a line around the store helping me decide what to get for the conference. Hahah! I loved it. I can't wait to wear my new shoes for the conference, but now I can't decide if I want to wear those Friday.. or Saturday. Ugh, dsfas. This is tough.

I got these trousers from Mel at Idée Géniale through our Delightful Dozen swap! And Mel, you're right. These are such a challenge! I never wear pants besides jeans so I really had no idea how to approach these! I was in a hurry because I got them in the mail today, wanted to style them before we left and Brett was rushing me, so I tried a floral top for a more romantic feel but wasn't sure so I thought these might look great with a striped top. I'm still not sure if I like it! I feel like I could have styled these a lot cuter (more like Mel!) Trousers are tough! I'm excited to see how the rest of the girls style these! Next they are going to Erin from Calivintage!

Outfit details:

H&M jacket
Thrifted top
Urban Outfitters belt
Slacks swap with Idée Géniale
Aldo oxfords