The Guy Behind The Camera: 2nd Edition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Selective Potential's Guy Behind the Camera series! First, I'd love to introduce you to Ebony from Ebony and Ivory. She has the cutest blog that features what she's worn, her travels and much more! This is her beau, David. He takes most of her outfit pictures and she wanted this opportunity to showcase him for once! They are so so cute together in their photos.

Secondly, say hi to Jenn from Matcha & Magnolia Days! She's a southern girl with "worldly tastes" and has the cutest floral print skirts, thrifted finds and personal style! This is also her husband, Karl, who is willing to take a photo for her anytime and has been there for her for the past 6 years. Plus, she adores his style too!

This is Carey from Corks + Caftans! Her and her husband, Rob, started their blog together shortly after they got married and it features wine and fashion! She wanted to take this opportunity to showcase him and express what a wonderful experience going into their blog together has been! If you're looking for more than just gorgeous outfits, you should check up on this one. It's about a marriage.. and funny moments and all the in between. Adorable read!

Next, we have Kassie from Kassie's Big Advenure! This girl has an adorable fashion sense, amazing photos and is totally appreciative of her boyfriend, Daren. Together they are a perfect team and she appreciates every shot he takes of her and how sweet he is to her!

And lastly, we have Ulrika from The Red Rosette! This girl is unique. I'm always stopping by her blog for personal style inspiration and tips and ideas. She'd love to feature her amazing husband for taking all of her photos for her, even in -4 degrees, and happily does it! Good thing too because you don't want to miss out on this girl. Such. a. cutie!

That's it for round 2 of The Guy Behind the Camera! Once a month, I feature five girl bloggers and their boyfriends/husbands who snap their photos for them! If you'd like to submit your beau, email me at with your name, photo of you, him, a link to your blog and a brief explanation! If you enjoyed reading this post, you may also enjoy reading edition 1! Have a great weekend everyone!