Groundhog's Day

Darn you, Phil! Am I allowed to say damn? I wasn't sure, so I googled "Am I allowed to say damn on my blog?" and no results popped up. But seriously, c'mon Phil! You're supposed to not see your shadow. I don't want six more weeks of winter.. I want spring! But in all honesty, I don't mind February. It's a short month, there is the thought of spring and upcoming plans and classes are finally rolling along and I'm feeling comfortable in them. So life is good. No complaints here from the mitten! I also know that today isn't Groundhog's day, but it just felt like a fitting title! I'm a day late, as usual!

Today has been the worst day ever. Usually I'm a very happy and upbeat person, but today I've cried... twice! First my boss calls me into the upstairs office.. dun dun dun. You know you're in trouble when they ask you to come "upstairs". It's like code word for... you're in trouble! Basically what's happening is with my 18-credits, and working 24 hours a week, and running this blog, and cleaning my apartment, and being married and yet still trying to live life and have fun... it's not all balancing out right. I don't have enough time at work but I can't stay over and my job got 100% busier at the start of the year, so it's been a rough start but hopefully things will look up! I stayed at work a little too late today and then was going about 84 mph (me? I'm seriously an old granny who goes 65 usually!) but of course today was the day that a cop decided to pull me over and give me a citation for speeding. He said he appreciated my honesty and only gave me a ticket for 5 over. As soon as he let me go, I burst into tears on the highway and thought about skipping class, but here I am. Exhausted, red-face, makeup-smeared, Tiek. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

But as soon as I got to school, life has felt better. My email box is full of letters from amazing readers who make me feel so super happy. Every time I get an email or something in the mail or whatever from a reader or a fellow blogger, my day is instantly brightened. I love reading blogs, the thought of meeting many of you, learning more about personal style and fashion and your lives and how amazing all of you are.. so thank you. So I braved the freezing cold for these shots and even stood on the side of the sidewalk on one of the busiest streets during rush hour with my tripod!

As for my outfit today, there are so many personal aspects to this outfit that make it a favorite. I love when your outfit has stories. A lot of these items were thrifted, and lucky finds and gifts and swaps and I love how it can all come together! I got the necklace from Brittany from Finders Keepers in a recent swap and I love it, the dress came from Delightfully Tacky and the tights from ModCloth (they are so comfy and amazing) and this blazer was one of my lucky finds at the UO sale last weekend. It's an XS and if I try to extend my arms out.. this blazer doesn't allow it. Hahaha! But it was so cheap! I couldn't pass it up. And the belt and shoes were thrifted last weekend.. $5 for both items! And the ring was a spontaneous buy that I couldn't resist!

So you've read my Delightful Dozen post, so here is the first of many photos and remixed outfits to come! I got my first package from Delightfully Tacky a couple of days ago and was so excited! Brett texted me saying I had a package from Alaska and I couldn't wait to get home and open it! I'm kind of loving the surprise of our swaps. I wasn't expecting this dress at all, but I absolutely adore it... it even smelled amazing. I hugged the dress for like five minutes while Brett rolled his eyes! I styled it right away and couldn't wait to wear it! Next it's going to Mel from Idée Géniale, so be sure to check her blog for how she styles it! You can also see Delightfully Tacky's post here where she styled it! I love it!

Outfit details:

Dress swap with Delightfully Tacky
Tights c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters blazer
Thrifted belt
Necklace swap with Finders Keepers
ModCloth ring
Thrifted shoes