Urban decay

So last night was a blast. Brett and I drove out to Chicago to see Screeching Weasel! I got him tickets for Christmas months ago! We headed out and the roads were terrible basically all the way until we hit Illinois! We stopped for Steak 'N Shake and got lost for a little bit in Indiana, but made it on time to see every band! I love how close we are to Chicago, honestly! All of the great shows come through there and it's really no big deal to make a trip out! Plus, I love Reggie's. It's right off the highway and we parked literally a block away. We took so much video of the night. I'll edit it soon and post it!

I got this wonderful amazing dress from Baby Says Boutique! I'm in love with floral print.. and lace.. and black mixed with florals right now, so this dress is just perfectly what I'm in love with! When I first got it, I was like.. I..can't...fit! But then realized there was a zipper on the side. Teehee. ;) Whoops! I'm excited to style this dress more in spring. I paired it with different skirts and what not and got a totally different feel, but I figured for the first time showing it, I'd show it all!

This morning, Brett and I went and got some breakfast with our friend, Peter, who stayed over last night. Then we headed back here to sit on the internet for a little bit and found out Brett's band practice was later on instead of the afternoon, so we decided to go see Shutter Island earlier.. which I really loved. Great movie! Then we got some shots outside an old abandoned factory and now I'm home.. about to take a nap while Brett heads off to GR for band practice!

Mkay, nap time.. leftover pizza.. and.. rent a movie time. I need a Saturday night just to veg out! It's so exciting. Plus the apartment is quiet.. and the kitties aren't all wound up and biting each other, ah, life in the slow lane is good!

Outfit details:

Dress c/o Baby Says Boutique
Target tights
Forever21 accessories
Jeffrey Campbell boots