Screeching Weasel in Chicago

So I briefly mentioned in my last post about our little trip to Chicago, but I finally got the video edited, so thought I'd post! We drove out on Friday to see them, The Seething Coast and Lemuria. Such a great show! It was our second time seeing Screeching Weasel and this setting was way better. We got way up front so I could shoot some video! Ben Weasel took a quick break to compliment the audience and said that Brett had an interesting shirt (haha!) and said that I had a pretty smile! Haha! It was awesome! (You'll see it in the video anywho) but enjoy!

B&T in Chicago for Screeching Weasel! from Selective Potential on Vimeo.

I've been so insanely busy this week already! Our really good friends, Jon and Amber are visiting right now from Kansas City, so we met up with them and another couple for pizza.. and then went to see Cop Out (ridiculously corny 80's-style movie that was actually kind of funny.. ha!) It was so good to see them. They are definitely our favorite married couple! I have so much coming up this week/weekend. I can't wait to tell you guys everything!