Butterflies are blooming

Today, Brett and I drove out to Grand Rapids to Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park for their Butterflies are Blooming exhibit! I haven't been since I was a kid and Brett has never been, so we figured it was the perfect time. The exhibit is amazing. There are butterflies flying everywhere... hundreds of them! You walk this little tour through a super warm jungle and cross over through nets (so the butterflies don't hitchhike out of there!) and are bombarded with the most colorful, amazing butterflies ever. Our son, Dill, would have been so proud. He left the nest last September.

The butterflies come from tropical regions of South America, Asia and Africa and are right at home here! The butterflies arrive as chrysalises, the moths as cocoons, and both are put into the butterfly bungalow. Within days, they emerge and when they are ready to fly, often within an hour, the staff releases them on plants to allow them to adjust to their new home. It's amazing to see butterflies flying, soaring and hovering freely, then congregating along streambeds, and drinking nectar from flowering plants and feeding stations!

These kinds of things are the things that Brett and I have done since we first met - and will continue to do and love. The things that your parents dragged you to when you were little? You can bet Brett and I will love it. We've been to every museum, every exhibit, every dumb little tourist attraction in west Michigan and make it a habit to continue to take adventures and trips all the time. It was our goal to take a once-a-month day or weekend trip, but since this semester has been so busy for the both of us - we haven't gotten much of a chance, but we have amazing trips planned every month for the rest of the year. This blog was originally just to document my life until it took a fashion turn (so glad it did!) but I still want to document these types of things.. so I hope I don't bore all of you to death!

I couldn't show any pictures of my outfit today because I had to take photos for a planned post next week! You'll see what I'm talking about soon! I'm really excited to announce a few things this week and next! April looks like it's going to be an amazing month. Plus, the weather forecast for this upcoming week looks amazing! In the range of 57 to 67 degrees! You can bet I'll be bringing out more of those spring clothes!