Featured Blogger: Second Edition

For my second featured blogger, I'd like to showcase a great friend and amazing blogger, Chandra from Modern Day Charm. She just recently started her own personal style blog and it has taken off, with such good reason. She was also named a Chictopia style icon for March! She has amazing style, has such an eye for gorgeous photography and is a down-right sweetheart. We grew up in the same town in Michigan and she now resides in St. Louis. I can't wait to visit her in spring! Be sure to check out this amazing girl! I love her.. so I'm sure you will too!

1.You're a pretty new blogger. What made you decide to start your own personal style blog?

Honestly I've had a few blogs in the past (non fashion related) and I never had the motivation to keep updating them! I want a place where I can merge memories, photography, and fashion together. I have a love for all three and never had an outlet before now. I also have a huge problem with getting really bored with my closet. I made this blog to keep me creative with what I have. A new item becomes old news to me before you can say “blog” so this definitely helps my pocket book. I feel like a little kid playing dress up in my own closet. I love throwing things together than I never thought of before. It's been an amazing experience and I never thought I would love it this much!

2. Where does your inspiration come from for your outfits?

My inspiration for my outfits is usually related to season, where I'm going, and what I have to do. I work at an upscale hair salon in St. Louis so most of my outfits have to be work appropriate so short skirts/dresses, jeans, holes, scuffed shoes/boots are inappropriate in my workplace (which is a bummer when I can't wear my favorite weathered boots with my outfits!). I work near 50 hours a week someweeks so most of my photos are taken while at work. Once the weather gets nicer and days get longer I'll be able to take more photos of what I wear off the clock. I also find inspiration from movies, music, blogs, and magazines. Layering has been so much fun with this weather so its great seeing how other people are layering their clothing!

3. For a career, you're a hair stylist. What made you go into that and does it affect your own personal style by making others stylish too?

Ooops! I kind of answered this in my last question! Throughout my blog I talk a lot about being a hair stylist how I love what I do. What I do is my passion and I love being able to make people feel beautiful. Ever since I was little I wanted to do hair but was afraid of what that meant as a long term career. I ended up going to college and got my associates degree. I was trying to find schools to transfer to and get my Bachelors as an English Major when I decided one day (practically on a whim) that if I didn't attempt to do hair then, I probably never would get the chance to again. Within the next week I was applying for grants to go to cosmetology school and a month later I started. With nothing but the outlook of “if I fail I always can go back and get my degree,” I jumped in full throttle. I'm so glad I made the decision to follow what I truly wanted to do. I can't imagine doing anything else. There is nothing better than seeing someone light up for the first time when they see themselves as a beautiful person. I take a lot of responsibility in being the best I can be at what I do and apply it to every single person in my chair every day. I love my guests and I appreciate them whole heartedly. How it affects my own personal style would be directly related to my hair color! It changes frequently.

4. What is another passion of yours besides fashion?

Obviously being a hairstylist is huge but also music. Listening and attending shows alike is something I absolutely love to do. I love going to shows both big and local and taking it all in. Music connects people on a level that is unlike anything else. I've made many solid friendships by attending shows and sharing music. When you're in the car and your singing at the top of your lungs to music that is so loud it surrounds you accompanied by your favorite people... well... what's better than that? That's how I feel about going to a show as well. Listening to your favorite music being played live with emotion and lights and passion while surrounded by a group of people that are there for the exact same reason as you and share the same interests is something truly amazing.

5. What are some of your favorite places to shop?

I have a confession! I'm terrified of online shopping! The whole clicking the button without trying it on and it getting to me without it working out and the whole hassle of returning it and such is just so intimidating to me! Whew, now that that is out there, I strongly believe you should support your local boutiques. I will go to the boutiques near me before I go to a major chain. If I can't find anything there or if I'm in a rush and know I need a specific thing, then my favorite stores are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Bakers, Shi, and H&M are the stores I frequent most. I have made a decision though that I need to start getting over my fear. I constantly scan online stores like Modcloth, Top Shop and even Etsy always wishing I could just commit and press the button! I will eventually turn over a new leaf, wish me luck!

6. How would you describe your style? Or how do you want to be known?

I would describe my style as easy to wear and comfortable. I love anything that looks romantic (lace, ruffle, airy textures, florals, light tints, etc). I also love coupling things together that contrast a look... military boots with a lacy dress, a masculine look with a lacy head wrap for example. Most of my clothing is solid and I don't wear much print unless its subtle or in my accessories (mostly scarves). I love texture in an ensemble. Textured tights with a floral skirt, an airy blouse with a intricate hemmed neckline peaking out wrapped in a belt.

7. You're currently in St. Louis, MO. What's your favorite thing about your town?

My favorite thing about Saint Louis would have to be the area I live in. I live in a part of town called The Loop (check out the website http://visittheloop.com/). It's only 6 blocks big but is full of boutiques, bars, music venues, restaurants from all over the world, music venues, art galleries, vintage shops, and more. Everything is in walking distance (except where I work) and I love it. Just today I sat outside on our balcony for a while watching the rain come down and heard saxophones in the air. There's always something going on and tons of musicians playing on the streets. I love being in such a diverse area. It's truly a melting pot. In the summer it's always ablast to just people watch. On the weekends when the weather is nice there are drum circles right across the street from my apartment. Anyone can come and play and usually a ton of people do. I've seen fire throwers, belly dancers, street-side robotic dancers, and a rollerblading dance show. Pretty awesome and you never know what to expect!

8. What are some of your favorite blogs currently?

Since I'm new to this whole blogging world I'm still trying to find all the gems! There are so many impressive and beautiful blogs out there! Not to be a huge mushy gush, but I love your blog, Selective Potential. I'm always excited when I see a blog update! Also I've been loving Kendi Everyday and June Paski.

9. Name some of your favorite bands.

Where to begin! Lets see, currently I'm obsessed with: Paper Route, Manchester Orchestra, Sigur Ros, Iron and Wine, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Trent Dabbs, Beruit, Band of Horses, Snow Patrol, Andrew Bird, Keane, and Jimmy Eat World... just to name a few

10. Any tips or advice for new bloggers who are trying to make their own way?

HAVE FUN! I want you to feel like a little kid playing dress up in your own closets! Keep your own style, if you only do what other people are doing, you'll lose your motivation and eventually lose your momentum. Find what your comfortable in in your own style. Don't be afraid to push your own personal envelope. Push forward! I know when I first started my blog I got a lot of (in a fun way) “beef” for it, but now those people are reading it and encouraging me every day!

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