Spring Fever Blogger Challenge: Final Week!

So here we are on the final round of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! And definitely the most challenging! I've never worn any kind of hat like this, so how to style it was completely foreign to me! When I pulled it out of the box, I was like, oh gosh... how am I going to do this? I love how the other girls styled it - more of a feminine take on it! What I always try to do with items I'm not sure about is match colors, but I have no colors in my closet that could match to the hat... so I pulled out a couple of browns in the hat and matched a blazer and tights to it, but the blazer and tights are much more alike in color in real life. Or.. at least I thought. ;)

These were taken so long ago that I don't really remember what we did on this day! It was a crummy Sunday, that's all I know. But I'll update on you on this past weekend instead! We saw The Back Up Plan (cute, but the guy seemed arrogant in the movie!), Saturday we did laundry all day, went to dinner with Brett's parents and drove around looking at cute houses downtown and Sunday, I forced Brett to clean (he hated it, muahaha!) and then I convinced him I wasn't going to attend his show (I've never missed one of his shows) and then ended up surprising him at the venue. Hehe! I could never miss a Tall Ships show. They are going on a mini-tour soon... looks like I'm going to have to follow behind!

Brett let me snap a few photos of him for once! He never lets me take photos of him now that I run this blog. I think he's intimidated by all of you lovely readers! He's wearing his so-stylish Polar Bear Club t-shirt, jeans and black shoes from Urban that he stocked up on different colors because they're only $15! So stylish. Actually, this is honestly his entire closet. Band t-shirts, jeans, cut-off jean shorts and this style of shoes. We have a fancy dinner coming up and we have to go shopping for him because he honestly has nothing to wear. Husbands..

Don't forget to head over to the ModCloth blog, ModLife to vote for your favorite style of the Composition VII hat! I loved participating in this challenge during this month! It was so fun to see how the other girls styled up the same items! Plus it was so awesome to be included with three other bloggers I truly truly look up to and adore! I feel like I've been so busy and have neglected the blog a little bit in April because I've been so busy, so this challenge kept me on my toes! Now that I'm basically finished with school (this week is just presenting everything!) I'll have a ton more time for posts. I have some exciting things coming up in May!

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters shorts
Urban Outfitters blazer
Dots and Daisies Tights in Brown c/o ModCloth
Composition VII Hat c/o ModCloth
Aldo oxfords