In the gardens

Phew! Okay. I'm done with college. I can't believe I just said that. I'm done with college. I mean, besides setting up the senior show, attending the studio excellence awards (which I ordered the Late Afternoon dress for!) and walking at graduation, I'm done. I'm actually feeling kind of sad about it right now. I'm so ready to graduate. I'm 23 years old (two years past when I was supposed to graduate), so ready to buy a house... and a puppy, but I'm still sad to be saying goodbye to this place! I couldn't have picked a better college to attend. My life seemed to fall in place ever since I was accepted here... and I couldn't have made a better decision for my life!

For my last day of college, we prepped the room for our senior show. We got out early, so I went home to take Brett to the doctor because he's been feeling yucky, and we found out it's just seasonal allergies. He snorted some saline and feels much better now! After that, we made an appointment with someone to look at houses for sale in the historic district for tomorrow. Then, we took the country road to the city for my final class and stopped at this so-cute greenhouse/flower shop in West Olive!

I got this dress from ModCloth several weeks ago actually and am now first debuting it. I'm so behind; you guys have no idea. I've been holding several Delightful Dozen items hostage, I have over 10 outfits styled in my closet just waiting to be worn and so much else to do for the blog - including an over heaping inbox of emails. I'm so excited to now be back "full-time" on the blog. I have so much coming up to be excited for - can't wait to tell you all about it!

This is the perfect spring dress. The top is sheer-netted, which I had no idea before receiving it and it's a really really great material. I'm loving the pleated-ruffles. And of course, florals! My favorite! Plus I don't have anything else with a bubble-hem bottom, so this was really fun and I felt really girly today wearing this! The boots I've styled a million times and I bought this belt from Urban for $10 when it was on sale this past winter! I'm holding out on you guys, apparently because I've never styled this belt up before either! And I just picked up this nail polish color, Commander in Chic, by Sally Hansen. Love it!

Thanks again for bearing with me as I've been a little absent lately! I'll be catching up on comments and getting the blog back to a normal posting schedule now! And don't forget, you can get 20% off your order from Recy Vintage Style if you enter the code "selectivepotential" at checkout!

Outfit details:

Kew Gardens Dress c/o ModCloth
Urban Outfitters belt
Forever21 rings
Target boots