Picnicking in a field

Summer, is that you? Seriously! 86 degrees in May in Michigan... that's just unheard of! But I'm not complaining, nope, not me! I'm basking in the glory of the heat! Riding around town on our scooters, soaking in the wonderful breeze, playing dress up in cute, summer dresses and frolicking around barefoot in grassy fields! That's me! When you live in the mitten, you can't complain. You take every moment of heat and you bask in it!

Sunday, Brett and I took a little picnic in what he calls "the grassy hills" that he has been going to since he was a kid. He'd take his friends out there, run on the hills, swim in the mucky water, you know. Typical boy stuff. Well there is a new housing development sort of taking over the land, but we still snuck past and followed the trail back to the corner of the field, hidden behind a shrub to enjoy sandwiches and lemonade!

I felt so lovely in this dress. It's the perfect summer dress. Longer length, a cross back, detailed buttons, a subtle floral print. I knew I had to have it, so it is mineeee! I can imagine many frolics in this dress - come beach sunsets, downtown romps to grab muffins or as you can plainly see, picnics in a field! To be quite honest, Brett and I were eaten alive by bugs and ended up running off the field with our giant picnic basket in tow laughing at our dirty feet and bugs in our hair.

Life has been wonderfully busy since graduation, mostly full of Brett time. I honestly missed him so much during the semester, that it's finally so wonderful to be able to hang out with him every night. We eat dinner together, go the movie theater, scoot around the lake, typical marriage. It's perfection.

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Outfit details:

Felicity Frock c/o ModCloth
Last Boat Leaving owl necklace
Urban Outfitters flats