City beach

Lake Michigan was like bath water tonight! I dipped my toe into it expecting it to fall off from frostbite, but I was surprisingly pleased! It was so warm! I told Brett that if I had brought a towel, I would have totally dove in - clothes and all! Right at the beginning of summer, the water still has a little bit of seaweed from the winter season, so I'm really excited for it to naturally filter itself and then I can go swim! I adore swimming in Lake Michigan. It's the best experience ever. Fresh water, so clean, refreshing on hot summer days, but swimming at sunset is my favorite, especially during the end of summer when the waves get huge!

It sprinkled for two seconds and so we quickly headed to the beach to grab some shots, but it didn't continue and the sun was peeking through the clouds. It was so pretty. I loved the atmosphere down by the water tonight. I brought shoes, but I'm just caught barefoot most of the time in summer here. Did you know that walking through the sand is a natural exfoliant for your feet? (I tell my good friend Peter that every year and he responds with, "Tieka, did you know the human head weighs an average of 8 lbs?") Hehe! Don't ask; we're weird!

This is another dress I've been holding hostage since April. And it's one of my favorite dresses too. I love the buttons up the front, the cinched waist and the open back. It's a perfect length too - I really love it. And of course, floral print. Gawsh, you're all like.. Tieka.. we get it.. you like floral print. Move on. Hehe! I had a matching headband I haven't worn yet and went with it! Simple and easy! I was browsing through my spring outfits thinking it was my favorite season yet for style options. Spring and fall. I'm wondering how summer will be now. It's so exciting to see how my style changes for the seasons!

I've gotten so many compliments on my crazy, wavy hair! Thank you, guys! I can't stand it! Haha! I need a new blowdryer - immediately. It's out of control. Some of my outtake photos were like.. whoa.. flashback to the 70's! Totally Farrah Fawcett style! I don't mind a few waves, but man oh man! I get a lot of requests to go curly and I just don't know if I can do it. It's so terrible looking on me! I loveeee girls with curly hair, but I just cannot pull it off! I have no idea how I got boyfriends in high school. Seriously, I was a disaster! Haha!

Outfit details:

What's In A Name Rosy Dress c/o Shop Ruche
Urban Outfitters wallet
Urban Outfitters headband