Five mile hill

It was so misty outside today! It was really strange weather - raining on and off all day long, but by the time I got out of work, it was pure mist! We stood outside for literally seven minutes and Brett and I were both drenched feeling! It was yucky, but kind of left a cool atmosphere in the air. I'm just glad summer is only beginning instead of ending. It kind of felt like it was ending tonight, but I know that I have it all ahead of me. I love that feeling.

It is said that standing on top of this hill, one can see for five miles on a clear day. In the 1860's, Grand Haven had the largest fishing village on the east shore of Lake Michigan. Legend has it that a light would be placed on top of this hill to signal incoming fisherman that they were within five miles of their home. Even while we were up here on this rainy, misty day - tourists were coming to see the view of the Grand River and of Lake Michigan. It's a fun spot to visit!

I'm surprised I don't wear more nautical inspired outfits living in Grand Haven, Coast Guard City, U.S.A. I'm so inspired by my surroundings for my outfits. I'm loving this dress from ThreadSence. It's a hint of nautical, but so perfect for any occasion. It was a little chilly tonight, 56 degrees, so I put a light top over it, but I'm looking forward to styling this again. You can see the back somewhat through the sheer top, but it dips down and is really pretty. I love dresses that show off your back. Also, check out my feature on the Beautiful blog! Leave a comment on what inspires you about my style! Also, you can get a 10% discount from ThreadSence if you use the code "Selective10". It expires on Sunday, June 13, so hurry up!

Outfit details:

Stripe Strappy Dress c/o ThreadSence
Compass Rose Necklace c/o ModCloth
Forever21 top
Urban Outfitters wedges