Steam Locomotive

This is what I envisioned in my brain for this post. Keep in mind I'm insanely idealistic. I was thinking.. red lips, military inspired, polka dots, vintage 40's feel, heels, leaping off of a train while the smoke billows out, Brett is in the distance squinting his eyes looking for his wife, all of a sudden, she appears out of the smoke, they run to each other, he sweeps her in his arms, he picks up her luggage as they walk off the train dock, arm in arm, smiling ear to ear. It didn't quite happen that way! Instead Brett and I hopped a fence, trespassed into the Pere Marquette train station while I had to hike this skirt up to my belly in order to hop the fence. And he didn't even escort me across the fence or give me a boost. Where's the romance?!

Haha! I'm still giggling at myself. Brett goes through the craziest things ever for my posts. Dealing with crazy carni's, hopping fences to trespass, receiving a million stares. Thank goodness I have such an amazing husband. He just rolls his eyes and I tell him the same things over and over, "Did you get a head to toe shot?" "What about the detail of the shoes?" "No, it's overexposed, do it again!" "Hey.. don't walk away.. we're not done yet!" Hahaha!

This steam engine is one of the two surviving of it's type! It was used for fast freight service between Chicago, Saginaw, Detroit and Toledo. It retired in 1951 and was falling in disrepair. Grand Haven bought it in 1981 and since then it's been restored and fixed up.. but also fenced off so little girls like myself cannot climb all over it. But I don't obey rules! I'm a rebel. Without a cause! Well I guess I do have a cause. Funky blog posts with crazy stories. You can also catch me trespassing here. At least I had Brett to protect me this time.

So I bought this body suit from Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I wish I could wear it to go swimming, but it's cotton, so that might look weird. People in Grand Haven wouldn't go for that, I don't think! I'd get funny stares, ah well. What's new! And of course, the skirt I received from Delightfully Tacky during one of our wonderful Delightful Dozen swaps! Be sure to check out our facebook page to see how we both styled it up - and don't forget to become a fan! Oooh, and my shoes! I picked these up in Chicago last Sunday when I was touring with Tall Ships! I had to take them out of the box and shove them into my purse in order to bring them back on the train but I knew for sure I wouldn't be taking these back! They're made of a tweed like material - and they're so comfortable. I love them! Only $30!

Well I think I covered everything. My being silly, and my outfit. Hmm, anything else? I don't think so! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I, myself, couldn't be more excited for the weekend. I've been having a stressful week at work. Tomorrow night, we're going to the drive in movie theater with our married couple friends who just moved back to Michigan! Saturday, Brett is getting tattooed all day.. and then we're hanging with our basically should be almost married friends in Grand Rapids! Sunday means cleaning. For real. Get on me if you see me on this computer blogging! Have a great one, everyone! xo

Outfit details:

Thrifted skirt via Delightfully Tacky
Forever21 bodysuit
Urban Outfitters wedges