Docks and seagulls

I love the middle of summer, especially living in our town. The strip is full of people, tons of ice-cream goers, people riding bikes, sitting along the grass watching the boats come into the channel, seagulls everywhere, people down at the beach, swimming in the waves. I honestly just love living in this town. I know I brag a lot, but it really does suit me perfectly. I know it's Michigan - and we have these crazy winters, but our summers always make up for it. I want blog friends to come stay with us! We have two comfy guest rooms! Seriously!

Our Friday night consisted of a pizza date, meeting up with friends to scoot around town and honk at the tourists, head down to the beach, play in the dune grass and splash in the super warm lake. One second we were all laughing and not paying attention and here comes Brett with his shirt off running and diving straight into the water! Haha! But it was honestly so warm, it was crazy! We walked all along the shoreline and down to the lighthouse. The waves were huge and crashing up against the end of the pier!

I received this dress from Delightfully Tacky through the Delightful Dozen a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to style it. She styled it up in the winter and here I am in the full blown heat styling it - and it works so well either way! I can also imagine this dress to be so cute picking pumpkins and carving them in the fall. My summer style is very very simple. It has been so much fun to see my style evolve through each season since I started this blog. If I look at my Facebook albums with each season's photos, it's so fun to see the different seasons and how defined they are in my style.

Outfit details:

Noble Town Vintage dress via Delightful Dozen
Urban Outfitters sandals