Hair Tutorial

Another Friday video post for you guys! I've had a lot of requests for tutorials via my formspring and had a lot of extra time this week, so I thought I'd hop to a few of them! This is just a basic hair tutorial of what I do to style up my hair! It takes about 20 minutes from out of the shower to completely dry and ready to go. And I only wash my hair 1-2x per week. After I've slept on it a few days, it looks so much better. I love my shower cap! I listed all the products used in the video, but if you have any questions - you can email me or better yet - fill out a question on formspring! Have a great weekend - and a wonderful 4th of July! I've loved reading your comments on my lovely guest blogger's posts! (Wisdom teeth update below, if you're interested!)

I'm finally just now starting to feeling better. For those of you who haven't heard, I had a really horrible experience with getting my wisdom teeth removed. Long story short, I was so scared beforehand and was crying. They make you watch this video that warns you of all this scary stuff - it put me over the edge! The dentist said he couldn't put me all the way under and it freaked me out and I just balled! But now I don't remember a bit of the surgery! They only took out two (it was supposed to be all four) but they were worried I would get paresthesia because my teeth were so close to my nerves. Paresthesia is where your lip goes numb - and it could be permanent! I was so upset that I couldn't get all four out, but I'm also really glad I don't have a numb lip right now too though. I was in awful pain and finally Tuesday night just hit me and I sat and just balled in bed (haha, geez!) and found out on Wednesday that I have dry sockets. So I had to go back and the surgeon pushed some medication into it - let me just say, worst pain ever. But now I'm feeling a lot better! I have to go back tomorrow so that he can change the dressing for the weekend - I'm not at all looking forward to it, but at least I'll feel alright for the holiday weekend! Now I don't at all want to think about getting the other two out. Let's just say.. I'm waiting until it's colder outside. I felt like I missed too much summer! A week is too long to miss out on nice weather! Thanks everyone for your amazing get-well comments, cards, email check-in's and everything else. I have seriously amazing friends in all of you.