Searching for shipwrecks

Yesterday, Brett and I went on a little exploring trip to find The Helen. Brett heard about it from some guys at work and of course, exploring for shipwrecks, or spelunking through caves or whatever, it's totally something Brett and I must do! So we traveled up to North Muskegon where it is said to have been discovered in 2002. The Helen is a two-masted schooner and it was built in 1881! It was to set sail from Chicago and the great storm of 1886 didn't let it arrive safely. The boat was manned by four men and a boy, the captain John Von Thadden and his wife. It's such an interesting story to read about!

It is said that you can see the shipwreck from the shore and it is visible in water shallow enough to stand in. So of course, Brett and I grab our suits and goggles to go shipwreck exploring! We searched and searched, climbed this giant sand dune to look for it - but no luck! We swam around, went way out past the second sandbar and still no luck. So we went home with nothing but a fun day at the beach (which isn't all so bad!) but we found out today that we were supposed to go to the first beach on the drive (we went to the second one!) So of course, we're going back! I'll keep you updated on it! Hopefully with really fun pictures of the shipwreck!

I, of course, wore a sailor dress! I got this dress from my friend, Emily, in a recent swap and I love it! Even the buttons have cute little anchors on them. It was so cute for a day of shipwreck exploring! Brett and I are taking a super long road trip next weekend up to Pictured Rocks for our anniversary to view abandoned old lighthouses, hike trails to hidden waterfalls, take a sunset cruise and to take glass-bottom shipwreck boat tours. We're so excited! But first we have Coast Guard festival this week. Oh gosh, I'm so excited to blog about it all this week! Expect lots of cute nautical posts and history! Oh gosh, bet you guys are so excited. ;)

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